To Activate Your Warranty You Must do the Following:

    Complete the below registration form within 15 days from the date of purchase. The 30 day warranty will then be activated. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

    If you still have some questions, drop us an e-mail.

    What the Warranty Covers:
    – Warping, delamination, manufacture defects and overall craftsmanship.
    – Warping is defined as a deck that is severely twisted, making the left side of the concave drastically higher than the right side or visa versa.
    – Delamination is defined as a separation in the glue lines between wood veneers of the deck due to an insufficient bond.

    What the Warranty Doesn’t Cover:
    – Decks broken due to improper landing.
    – Decks exposed to excessive moisture i.e. decks ridden in the rain, mud, puddles or snow.
    – Improper assembly of accessories or decks that have been modified including re-drilling of truck holes or re-shaped.
    – Intentional and deliberate attempts of breakage.
    – Decks run over by any motorised or un-motorised vehicle.
    – Normal wear and abuse, including: chipping from the ground, curbs or walls, nose and tail wear from repetitive ground or obstacle contact.

    If you have a problem with your product and want to return it, send an email to info@collabskate.co.za with ’WARRANTY’ in the subject. Detail the problem with the product and attach an image of the problem area, along with a copy of your receipt.